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Located in Colombo, Sri Lanka's capital, asahi construction co., LTD is a construction company integrating pile foundation, bridge, wharf, steel structure, civil construction and decoration. At present, there are more than 300 professional and technical personnel, including more than 40 people with intermediate professional titles or above. The annual output value of the company is about RMB 80 million (USD). For many years, the company has always adhered to the enterprise spirit of "unity, endeavor, pragmatism and innovation" and strived hard to govern the company strictly. Since 2007, a total of 1 mark for the construction of the the southern Sri Lanka, put his power plant coal unloading port, hambantota airport, port of Colombo south, hambantota port container terminal, buddhist institute, two, three phases of Spanish hotel, shangri-la, southern expressway extension by 2/4 blocks, central Colombo port city, high-speed, depot, ford chongqing factory, hankook tires and other items, electrical construction, decoration, fire protection, air conditioning. Chongqing wanda phase ii, yongchuan country garden, zhongfu happy edifice and other pile foundation construction, the company has been awarded and commended by the higher authorities for years. The company has 2 sets of 360 rotary excavations, 75 crawler cranes, 25 tons car cranes, 4 sets of 60 tons door cranes, 2 sets of 120 tons door cranes, 5 sets of 10 tons, more than 60 sets of 400KW/200KW/50KWF generators and other large equipment. Since 2007, the project quality qualified rate is 100%, and the excellent quality rate is 90%. The construction of the Spanish hotel, shangri-la hotel, by the industry as a quality project. In recent years, the friendship continuously strengthen, since chairman xi jinping's visit to the si, further improve bilateral relations and cooperation is greatly increased, as a Chinese invested company in Sri Lanka, xu macro construction will continue to be in the national area of strategic planning all the way, the service for large infrastructure projects in Sri Lanka, with a high degree, professional and responsible attitude to build good every project, for Sri Lanka's further improvement of the infrastructure and contributions to economic and social development.
Core values high quality, high requirements, high quality and high professionalism
purpose of service quality first, customer first
Business philosophy integrity, win-win, innovation and efficiency
development policy raise the scientific and technological content of engineering construction and attach importance to personnel training
development goal to create an excellent enterprise with "customer satisfaction as the goal"
service process provide you with integrated, professional and whole-process quality service
We only choose such engineers
1. At least 5 years of working experience in engineering independently 2. Personality test in line with the position of engineer 3. Written test for professional engineer skills 4. Have original understanding and experience of various projects
According to the test results, the corresponding level of the engineer is determined, and the selection of the engineer is rigorous, rigorous and rather
deficient after the entry -- professional, experience and personality match of
the post cannot be lacked
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